Privacy notice


I use only your personal data as follows.

Conformation of order, Shipment and confirm the payment, Information by e-mail, Reply for your inquiry


We may use between other (such as shopping mole on line, event etc.) as above. Please confirm your personal information treatment to the other business.


Personal information will eliminate after two weeks shipment. If you would like to know about information by e-mail, we will keep your personal information.


If you would like to know information by e-mail, but you do not need any more, please send us stopping requirement with your mail address.


We will not give any customer's information to others. However, in case of public agency offers us to open your personal information within the law, we will open the information.


If we change this information, we will let you know on the top page.


It may cause you inconvenience, because we do not keep personal information after two weeks.


This description applies only inside Japan.