Nothing exists, just invisible facts.

Simple, essential and exquisite

We consists writing, designing and binding by hand in Japan.


We try to each customer can feel their own feeling efficiently, so drawing and writing minimize. There is a strong bind between sentence and drawing. It is close to riddle. You can feel new emotion when you read and read. And the sentences written in Japanese and English.

Original pictures are paper cutting. Printing is not real paper cutting, but model paper cutting quality is recreated.


You can decorate your book in your room. Not only design and high quality of binding, coloring and no title cover makes perfect design. You can feel hand touch every time you read, so we did not put vinyl cover.


Express high and deep feeling can touch from thick embossed paper (ream weight 146kg) offset printing with soy ink. Bind pure cotton yarn (0.7mm) and bond starch glue tightly. The books will change its shape due to humidity and temperature change because paper, glue and yarn are natural materials. So we repeated trial manufacture time and time again till holding a warp to minimum. Please take look at strong binding, neatly and high quality of book.

Thank you very much for reading this page at the end. Tatsunoie books shows continues our feelings even though time passed. We sincerely wish you that our books are to be kept in your bookshelves for long time.

Blue bookBlue book

Blue book

Orange bookOrange book

Orange book

Green bookGreen book

Green book




Boxes for gift

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I participate in Frankfurter Buchmesse Special 2020 on 10/14-18 on line.